Research & Development

Research & Development

Healthy Inc R&D efficiency plays a vital role for its complete business operations, as it offers a sustainable, long-term and competitive benefit to the organization. There are strong R&D facilities that are contemplated and designed for both drug discovery and development. In addition to it, there are number of scientists, who are engaged in several path-breaking researches.Healthy Inc understands the significance of productive Research & Development. It invests a huge part of its total revenue on its R&D efficiencies. With time, Healthy Inc has emerged as a multi-disciplinary R&D center that is situated in Mumbai. The firm has high-tech laboratory and micro-labs together with all updated equipment for generic as well as creative research.

Research and development (R&D) is the foundation for discovering innovative medicines  that change patients’ lives. Healthy life pharma private limited R&D program is designed to develop safe and effective breakthroughs for patients across the globe.

Generally, the R&D process includes basic and transnational research, in addition to medicines and vaccine development:

  • Basic research: Investigates the biological underpinnings of disease and potential therapeutic targets. Performed by academic research centres, government agencies, and industry, often in close collaboration with one another.
  • Transnational research: Connects new knowledge about a process or compound to a practical medical application or therapy. Typically performed by bio pharmaceutical companies.


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